How to Identify Your Audience Avatar

31 December, 2017

How to Identify Your Audience Avatar

Audience avatar is a composite of the people most likely to connect with your brand and purchase your products and services. An audience avatar is your brand’s ideal follower. Discovering your audience avatar is a powerful tool in content strategy.

Who is your audience avatar?

Years ago, I took a marketing course in Greece and my trainer told me something I never forgot. He said “Making money is very easy. All you have to do is find out what your customer wants and sell it back to them.”

The bottom line was simple: know you customer.

This is the guiding principle behind the concept of the audience avatar (also known as follower avatar). We invested thousands of hours in discovering which people connected to our products and services. We researched everything about their lifestyle from their martial status to how they made their living.

We conducted this research by asking relevant of questions.

Finding your audience

Here is a simple approach to finding your audience. Ask yourself the following:

  • What am I good at?
  • What problem(s) can I solve with my skill set?
  • Who has that problem?

The people who have the problem(s) that you can solve are your audience and these are the people you should be speaking to with all of your content.

“The greater your ability is to meet the needs of your audience the more influence you will gain in your niche.”

Discovering your follower avatar

A follower avatar is a composite of the general qualities someone who’d follow you would be possess. They follow you because your message speaks to them. Often there is more than one.

Your followers are into you so you need to be in to them. The more you understand your follower avatar, the easier it is for you to create content that’s tailored to their needs and offer them the transformation they are looking for.

Use the exercise below to reveal who your follower avatar is.

Avatar Questionnaire

Avatar Name:  __________________________________________________

Avatar Gender: _________________________________________________

Marital Status: __________________________________________________

Children: _____ Yes    _____ No     Age(s) of Child(ren): __________

Location: _______________________________________________________

Motto: __________________________________________________________

Occupation: ____________________________________________________

Job Title: _______________________________________________________

Annual Income: _________________________________________________

Level of Education: _____________________________________________

Hobbies: ________________________________________________________

Goals: ___________________________________________________________

Core Values: ____________________________________________________

Problems: _______________________________________________________

Fears: ___________________________________________________________

Favorite Book(s): ________________________________________________

News Source(s):  ________________________________________________

Favorite Blog(s): _________________________________________________

Role Model(s):  __________________________________________________

Favorite Brand(s): _______________________________________________

Favorite Musician(s): ____________________________________________

Favorite Actor(s): _______________________________________________

Favorite Author(s): ______________________________________________

Favorite Movie: __________________________________________________

Favorite Song: ___________________________________________________

Car(s): ___________________________________________________________

Type of residence: _______________________________________________

Now that you have a clear idea of who your follower avatar is, you can start researching their needs. Study the trending topics among your core demographic and learn what topics are most relevant to them. This will shape your blog content to meet your follower avatar needs.

The greater your ability is to meet the needs of your audience the more influence you will gain in your niche.

Final thoughts

Do you use a follower avatar when you’re creating content? How effective has this been for you in your digital strategy. Let me know in the comments below.

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