3 Reasons ‘Better Click To Tweet’ makes your blog posts more shareable

30 December, 2017

3 Reasons ‘Better Click To Tweet’ makes your blog posts more shareable


  • Increase your social media shares on Twitter with ‘Better Click To Tweet’.
  • Post highlights from your blog posts to Twitter.
  • ‘Better Click to Tweet’ has been downloaded 20,000 times.


Better Click To Tweet can increase Twitter shares of your content by inviting your followers to interact with pre-written Tweets embedded in your blog posts. With this free plug-in, you can add tweet-able quotes anywhere in your texts making it easy for readers to share the highlights of your posts on their Twitter feeds!


1. It’s great for your SEO strategy

Once you’ve installed Better Click To Tweet on your website and simply add the shortcode to your blog post and type in the texts for your followers to share. This plugin has the added benefit that you can add niched hashtags to the pre-written tweets. It’s a good addition to your SEO strategy.

Make sure the pre-written tweet contain the most engaging portions of your texts so that they will enhance your followers’ Twitter feeds.


2. It’s very easy to use

The plug-in makes it easy to post the highlights of your blog content to Twitter which can potentially increase shares. Check out the screen capture (below) to see how Better Click To Tweet will appear in your post.

Better Click To Tweet Plugin


When users press the “click to tweet” button, the pre-formated tweet will contain your quote, a link to your content and your Twitter handle.

3. Over 20 000 Downloads of Better Click to Tweet

Better Click To Tweet is a free plug-in that’s been downloaded more than 20,000 times. The updated plug-in can be fully customized using css.


Better Click To Tweet Downloads


Download Better Click To Tweet.

I’ve just added it to mindmasters.se and I’ll let you know how well it performs in a future post.

If you’ve just installed Better Click To Tweet on your website or if you’ve been using it on your blog for a while, let us know how it’s been working for you in the comments below.

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