How to Use ‘Storyboard That: Digital Storytelling Tool’

Storyboards coordinate our artistic vision. We use them to illustrate the sequence of images required to convey our stories. Anyone who works with audiovisual media can appreciate the value of storyboards. It’s an intrinsic part of the creative process. Storyboard That from Clever Prototypes LLC is a drag and drop interface that’s produced over 5 …

1 January, 2018
How to Identify Your Audience Avatar

Discover who is most likely to follow your brand and buy your products and services through social media.

31 December, 2017
How to Clearly Communicate Your Value To Your Clients

In the twenty years, I’ve spent creating content I’ve encountered a host of diverse customers. Each one has different needs and varied levels of understanding about digital media production. From time to time, I encountered clients who did not understand the amount of work required to produce high-quality content. It’s very important find out how …

31 December, 2017
3 Reasons ‘Better Click To Tweet’ makes your blog posts more shareable

3 Reasons ‘Better Click To Tweet’ makes your blog posts more shareable   Increase your social media shares on Twitter with ‘Better Click To Tweet’. Post highlights from your blog posts to Twitter. ‘Better Click to Tweet’ has been downloaded 20,000 times.   Better Click To Tweet can increase Twitter shares of your content by …

30 December, 2017