How to Clearly Communicate Your Value To Your Clients

31 December, 2017

In the twenty years, I’ve spent creating content I’ve encountered a host of diverse customers. Each one has different needs and varied levels of understanding about digital media production.

From time to time, I encountered clients who did not understand the amount of work required to produce high-quality content.

It’s very important find out how much your client understands about the creative process. If they aren’t familiar with it, help them grasp and respect it.

Take the time to educate your clients.

The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries

Let your clients know what your values are. For example, one of my core boundaries is this: never compromise the quality of your content.

If the client is looking for a high turnover of low quality content, I’m not the one for them.

In this sense, opposition can be one of our greatest teachers. It challenge us to generate new skills and expand our sensitivity to behaviors we’re unaccustomed to.

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It’s through opposition that we learn to stand our ground and protect our interests. It illustrates which behaviors are acceptable and where we have to draw the line.

The importance of knowing your deal breakers in interpersonal relationships – and enforcing them – can’t be overstated.

Remember, where there are no boundaries, there’s no respect.

So take the time to learn your boundaries, establish them effectively and uphold them with vigor.

Help Your Client Understand Your Creative Process

A key component of communication with your client is to make sure they understand the sheer amount of work that goes into the creative process.

Often clients can be oblivious to how many hours go into research and development of a concept before any text or images are drafted.

[bctt tweet=”Difficult people can become our greatest teachers. They challenge us to generate new skills and expand our sensitivity to behaviors we’re unaccustomed to. #lifelessons #mindmasters” username=”MindmastersPR”]

Clearly communicate how vital research is, both to the creative process and, ultimately, to the overall quality your work.

It’s impossible for a web producer to deliver outstanding results without taking the time to research the creative and practical considerations of any given project. It’s essential to find out what’s trending with your audience and what’s the best social media platform to reach your target audience regarding specific topics.

Lay Out A Clear Definition of Your Creative Process

It’s helpful to take some time out to reflect and study your own methods. It’s important for creatives to map out every step of their process from conceptualization to invention. Measure the following factors:

  • How much time went in to research?
  • How much time went in to design?
  • How much time went into execution?

Determine the value of each action. In other words, put a price on every aspect of the work you do.

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A creative must have a precise grasp of this in order to be able to sit down with clients and provide an accurate timeline and confidently express the actual value of their job.

If you develop a healthy respect for the time, effort and work you put into your projects your client will, too.

A Key Step In Good Customer Relations

Clearly communicating the value of your work to your clients is a key step in creating good relationships in which the needs of both the client and the contractor are met.

What’s worked for you in your own career? Have you effectively determined the value of your work and successfully communicated this to your clientele? Leave a comment below!

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