Top 10 Pinterest Hacks with Maria Julia of The Chic Pursuit

4 July, 2018
  • In just a few years The Chic Pursuit has amassed an audience of 68 000 followers.
  • With over 25 000 monthly visits, The Chic Pursuit generates a net revenue of over $3000.00 a month.
  • We caught up with founder Maria Julia who shares her Top 10 Pinterest hacks.


The Chic Pursuit is a fashion blog published by Maria Julia, a savvy micro influencer who has built an audience of 68 000 followers across her social media platforms in just a few years.

At the age of 25, Maria is a level-headed entrepreneur who took an academic approach to her online business, researching search engine optimization and social media strategies in order to grow her brand online.

While working on her Master’s Degree at King’s College London, she started creating content for Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Today her blog and social media platforms generate a net revenue of $3000.00 every month.

Mindmaster’s Digital Strategy caught up with Maria to discuss her Top 10 Pinterest Hacks!


Pinterest Hack #1: Create bold, eye-catching content

Maria says that the key to success on a social media platform like Pinterest begins with one essential step, “Firstly, you need to create eye-catching content with bold and bright headlines.”


Pinterest Hack #2: Stay on message

In previous a previous post, we talked about the importance of knowing your audience so you can publish content that is relevant to them.

Maria agrees, saying, “I have a certain target audience in mind whenever I pin, and I would never think of pinning something that doesn’t fit in the interests of that specific audience. As I’m a fashion blogger, I pin everything related to fashion with the exception of menswear. I pin both viral content like popular outfit posts, as well as products: products are the best for affiliate commission.”

“Write a compelling caption that is rich in keywords that you want to rank for.” – Maria Julia, The Chic Pursuit


Pinterest Hack #3: Make use of Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest often markets itself as a search engine rather than a social media platform. However, there are key social aspects to using Pinterest and the most important social feature are group boards.

“My tip would be to get into as many Pinterest group boards as possible.” says Maria,  “You can find the full list at pingroupie.com, however, it’s not the best place to get into boards, as a lot of board owners will ignore your emails when you ask them if you can join the boards.”

You can also send a request to join Mindmasters Digital Strategy’s group board: Digital Influencer’s Blogger Board.


Pinterest Hack #4: Use Pinterest analytics

Part of Maria’s strategy involves using Pinterest analytics to focus on the group boards that generate the most traffic.

“Monitor your Pinterest analytics simultaneously and pay attention to what boards get the most amount of impressions, repins and clicks.” Maria explains,”Weed out the good ones from the bad ones. You can then delete the ones that underperform and repeat the process until you find a solid group of boards that you can pin to.”


Pinterest Hack #5: Pre-schedule your Pinterest pins

Time management is an essential component of social media management. Here’s Maria’s top hack for streamlining her pins.

“The best way to use Pinterest is to schedule everything in advance – it’s less hassle and takes less time. Tailwind is an absolute must for that.”


Pinterest Hack #6: Pin to niche-oriented sub-topics

Maria explains,”My niche is fashion, but within fashion, I pin many different sub-topics like street style, dresses, summer outfits, products, etc., and I have made separate board lists for each category on my Tailwind account. On average, I would say that I submit my pins to 10-30 different boards. I normally pin 50 pins per day – I’ve found this to be the optimal number.”


Pinterest Hack #7: Use rich pins as part of your Pinterest strategy

Another Pinterest essential is the use of rich pins.

“I have integrated rich pins on my website,” says Maria,”So I use rich pins whenever I pin from my website.”

“From my analytics, I’ve noticed that the majority of my pins that go ‘viral’ have been rich pins, so they are definitely helpful! If you haven’t tried rich pins yet, definitely give them a go.”

“Once you’ve reached a certain point, your Pinterest growth will be quite linear.” – Maria Julia, The Chic Pursuit


Pinterest Hack #8: Organize your pins and boards around your keywords

Another tips is to organize your pins and group boards around your keywords.

According to Maria, “I am part of more than 50 boards, which is why it is important for me to use Tailwind. Tailwind lets me group my boards into certain categories such as shoes, products and street style, which makes it very easy for me to pin later on. For example, with this setting installed you could pin a picture of shoes to 100 different boards with one click if you wanted to!”


Pinterest Hack #9: Make your pins go viral    

Maria breaks down her strategy for viral pins in 3 steps:

1.) Have a pin design that is worthy of going viral: “To find content that has already gone viral, you can type in some popular keyword terms in your niche to Pinterest and look at the first few pictures that pop up: these pins are viral pins. Analyse the pins and determine why they are viral, and then replicate the pins with similar content.”

2.) Write a compelling caption that is rich in keywords that you want to rank for: Make sure that the most important keywords come at the beginning of the caption, as this will improve your chances of ranking for that keyword.”

3.) Post the pin to as many different relevant boards as you can: Monitor their success from your analytics over time. You can keep pinning these pins as often as you like (in moderation) – this will increase the chances of you ranking for the keyword terms in your captions over time. Remember that the average lifespan of a pin is 6 months, so you can give the pin some time to spread by itself before re-pinning it on your own boards again.”


Pinterest Hack #10: Be patient    

Finally, Maria shares that patience is a must in building Pinterest traffic sources, “For most people, Pinterest isn’t an overnight success. I would suggest practicing patience, as usually, pins take some time to gather an audience and become ‘effective’. Once you’ve reached a certain point, your Pinterest growth will be quite linear, and the traffic that you get to your website will be rather a consistent month on month.”

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Maria Julia of The Chic Pursuit shares her Top 10 Pinterest Hacks.
"I would never think of pinning something that doesn't fit in the interests of that specific audience." Maria says about curating content.
Staying on brand: Maria in a post sponsored by Attilus Caviar.
"Make sure that the most important keywords come in the beginning of the caption, as this will improve your chances of ranking for that keyword." she says of Pinterest captions.
"For most people, Pinterest isn't an overnight success." Maria explains.


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