SEO Hack: 5 Ways Blogging Can Land Your Brand on Google Page One

23 May, 2018
  1. The SEO Value of Blogging
  2. How Blogging Benefits Your Customers
  3. Structure Your Blog To Achieve Results
  4. Build An Interactive Relationship With Your Audience
  5. Blogging Tools That Polish Your Posts


The top SEO hack that will land your digital property on Google page one for your target keywords is publishing a blog at your domain. Blogging is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools on hand. So how can blogging add value to your brand? Let’s look at the five core ways a blog can help you achieve your site engine optimization and business goals.


1. The SEO value of blogging

There is infinite value in publishing a blog at your website, particularly with regard to site engine optimization. Think of your blog as a means to hold an ongoing conversation with search engines, letting them know that there is fresh, relevant content on your digital property.

Hopefully, you noticed the word ‘relevant’ because this is a key component of SEO strategy. Each blog post is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique selling points while using keywords and phrases to engage your niche.


2. How blogging benefits your customers

Blogging is an artform. Done correctly, it builds a unique kind of trust with your audience. It requires commitment and passion. The success of any blog involves discipline, focus, and consistency.

What does this look like in practice:

  • Discipline – creating high-quality content that provides solutions for their followers.
  • Focus – on what engages their niche audience and staying on brand in every post.
  • Consistency – They publish regularly to the extent that their blog and social media posts become a part of their followers daily routine.

Why would a blog or social media channel become part of someone’s daily routine?

If a blog can function as a service in its own right by providing the benefit of free information, tutorials, motivation, etc. that helps your audience solve problems in their area of interest, then it fulfills a need. If your blog can accomplish this, users will incorporate it into their daily routine.


3. Structure your blog to achieve SEO results

A cornerstone in building a high performing blog is the architecture. It must be easy for your audience to access and use.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose a powerful blogging platform. Here are the best ones:

Once you’ve decided on a platform, make a list of the topics that are relevant to your audience and create content that focuses on this niche.


4. Build an interactive relationship with your audience

One aspect of social media platforms that make them so popular is that users have the opportunity to express themselves and interact with content. For example, they can like or comment a blog or social media post. They can ask questions or respond to a call to action. Helping your followers identify and engage with your content is how online communities are made.

Make sure your blog has features that facilitate your followers interaction with your content. For example, place social media share buttons on your blog posts so users can circulate your content on their own channels.


5. Blogging tools that polish your posts

Many brands talk themselves out of blogging for a number of reasons. Sometimes they don’t feel they have the resources in terms of time or manpower to run a blog. But with a little planning and use of some of the amazing marketing tools available, running a blog is possible for businesses of any size.

One of the best tools around is Grammarly which you can add to your browser toolbar. It corrects grammar and spelling errors, polishing your content. At the moment, Grammarly is only available in English.

Another useful tool is the scheduled publishing features available on some publishing platforms like WordPress. This means you can set aside time to write your blog posts and set them up for publication at a later date.


Final thoughts

There you have it! Those are the 5 ways publishing a blog can land your brand on Google’s first page for your targeted keywords.

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